Bail Bondsman- Quick Release From Jail

Being Arrested, Booked, and Choosing a Bondsman

During the arrest, all though the officer is likely not in the right and, could be treating you unfairly remain calm and polite. Remaining calm and polite ensures no additional charges and that the officer won’t hike your bond up or set you at no bond.

Once you get to the jail you will be fingerprinted, have your photo taken, your property will be logged then stored and, you may or may not have to dress out right away. After these are complete you will be given access to a phone and now is the time to get in touch with the right people and the right bondsman.

Choosing the Right Bail Bondsman from Jail

The right people are the right bondsman. A good bondsman will be polite, answer the phone promptly and be helpful. They will do their very best to help you get in touch with your family and do what they can to help you post-bond.

Always make sure you’re talking to the Agent on Duty and not an unlicensed clerk.

Unlicensed employees are NOT bondsmen. They have not gone through the hundreds of hours of state-mandated training, completed a year-long internship under a licensed agent, or, taken the very hard state exam.

These people are qualified to help you in the way a licensed agent will. Large bail agencies may employ unlicensed people for several reasons none of which are to benefit you at all. Here at Daytona Bail Bonds, we do not employ unlicensed people.

Now you will start by giving all your loved one’s contact info to the bondsman so that he or she can call them and start trying to get you out. It is also wise to call them yourself and direct them to the bondsman you have chosen.

If you do not know any contact info for your family members any other bondsman may not be able to help.

How Daytona Bail Bondsman Help You?

At Daytona Bail Bonds our Agents have access to powerful software that gets any and all contact info for whoever you want us to call.

This is a service that not any bondsman offers in Daytona Beach or even in Volusia County, FL. We offer this service along with only employing licensed Agents to benefit our clients as we are here to help them and not ourselves, unlike many other agencies Bail Bond agencies in Volusia County, FL.

The next step is Choosing a good reliable Indemnitor or in other words a Co-Signer. A good Co-Signer is Also Key to your release from Jail. A Co-Signer can be a friend, family member, significant other, boss, coworker, or, anyone you are close with and trust.

This person will be the person coming down to the office to get you out. It is important to choose someone extremely reliable!You may have someone suggest waiting for the first appearance so that you may get ROR or PTR (pre-Trial Services). This is a terrible piece of advice.

Any good Criminal Defense Attorney and Bondsman who CARES about their clients will advise against this. Often now ROR comes standard with PTR attached to it or if you wait for them to lower the bond, they may force PTR along with the bond.

What Is Pre-Trial Release (PTR) and Released On Recognizance (ROR) in Florida?

PTR is basically a harsh advanced form of probation. You are innocent until proven guilty and PTR will treat you as if you’re guilty. PTR will report everything about you to the very people trying to prosecute you.

They will require that you show up weekly during business hours convenient for them. If you can’t get off work, you will be forced the choice between violating PTR or getting in trouble with your employer. If your PTR is violated it is an additional criminal charge.

It also hurts you with your current case and will cause you to gain an arrest warrant. The warrant often comes with a hefty bond and MORE PTR. They will also make you pay weekly fees and in the end, you will be charged more in costs.

You will also face weekly drug and alcohol tests. PTR is a very, very bad thing to go through and the only way to avoid it is to post bond BEFORE the first appearance. Once the bondsman has contacted your loved ones, they can start the process of finding you a Co SIGNER.

If you are unable to find a Co-Signer in rare circumstances, you may be able to qualify as Co-Signing for yourself. Here at Daytona Bail Bonds No Collateral is needed in most cases to bond you out. We do any and everything to make the process go as fast as possible.

Once the bond is paid and all paperwork is complete the bondsman will post your bond. Some agencies wait until it is convenient for them to post the bond or, until they have multiple bonds to post so they can post them all at once because its more convenient for them.

Here at Daytona Bail Bonds we post your bond FAST! We post it right away we are not worried about our own convenience like other bail agencies, we are only concerned with the client and their loved one’s convenience.

Once the bond is posted it’s in the jail’s hands. It can take 2-6 hours for you to be released. It generally takes 40 minutes to 2 hours though.

It will never take more than 6 hours as the jail is required to release no later than 6 hours after your bond is posted. (If you were arrested and booked under DUI, BUI or, any Alcohol related offense you per law you MUST be detained for a total of 8 hours from the time you placed under arrest before you can be released.

This is to ensure you are sober upon release. Usually by the time you are booked you are more than halfway through your 8 hours and by the time your bond is posted, and the jail is ready to release you your 8 hours are up.

If for what ever reason they are not you will have wait what ever time you have remaining on the 8 hours. This is the Law in Florida and there is no way around it.)

After being released you have 48hrs to report to the bail bonds office to complete your own bond paperwork. You will receive your court notices by mail. You can also call your bondsman and ask them when your court date is.

At Daytona Bail Bonds you can call us when ever we will be eager to help and provide you with any court date or case information you desire.That’s it! Now your out free in bail! Bail is a continuation of imprisonment under the custody of the bondsman. This is why it is so important to choose the right bondsman who cares about you and will be helpful.

You don’t want a bondsman that’s going to know you as Defendant or Indemnitor. You want one that is going to personally know and remember you. One that will you treat you the same as they would their own family.

More importantly, you want to be able to call and get a hold of them and not an unlicensed, unqualified clerk. That’s why at Daytona Bail Bonds we remember your names and who you are! We care about you and your life! We do whatever we can to help you and you ALWAYS will get a licensed agent!

We no suggest you take this time research and lawyer shop just as you did when choosing your bondsman. Of course, here at Daytona Bail Bonds we know of many great attorneys that can help you with your case. Now you can get back to your life and prepare your defense to fight this case! Posting Bond is the first step in your fight to prove your innocence!

Warrant Checks and Walkthroughs:

You may see Bail Agencies advertise warrant checks. Most if not all bondsman offers this service. If you think you may have a warrant it is wise to call a bondsman. The bondsman can confirm if you have warrant active after checking directly with the local Sheriff’s office (same way the police check). If it is found, you have an active warrant with a bond amount that is GREAT news!

Having a warrant with a bond is the best-case scenario when having a warrant. Now the bondsman can work with you to begin the walkthrough process. It is a very simple process, to be honest.

You will need to get a co-signer this can be a friend, family member, significant other, boss, coworker or, anyone you are close with and trust. The Co Signer must have a Florida State ID. You and your Co-Signer then come down to the bail bonds office and fill out all bail bond paperwork. While filling out the paperwork you will also pay the fee for the bond at that time. Once the bond is paid and paperwork is complete the next step begins.

Here at Daytona Bail Bonds we know good Law Enforcement Officers and can arrange to have you picked up at our office. This as faster more convenient option for our clients. Other Agencies collect your money and send you to the jail to wait call yourself for a deputy to serve warrant.

This could take hours. Even worse once your booked like we discussed earlier this bondsman may wait for when it’s convenient for him to post bond. Making you wait even longer cause he or she does not want to make multiple trips to the jail.

You can also turn yourself in at the jail, police station or, wherever you by simply calling dispatch and telling them where you are. It would be wise to only have your clothes on your back, your cell and, ID on your person at this time to speed the process of booking.

If you’re not being picked up by Law Enforcement from the bail bonds office when they pick you up let them know you are doing a walkthrough.

The jail should also be aware of your walkthrough, but it helps to let the CO’s know what you are doing also. Once your taken to the jail you will be fingerprinted and have your mugshot taken.

Once this is complete the Bondsman will then post your bond at the jail. You will nod dress out or leave the booking center, Once the bondsman posts the bond you will be released. The warrant will be served, and you will be free out on bond.

When choosing Daytona Bail Bonds for your walkthrough the whole process from start to finish usually takes about 2-4 hours. Once complete you can go about your day. You will be given a court date within about 5 business days of completing the walkthrough. The court date is usually 2-4 weeks away from the day you completed the walkthrough.

More information about Bail Bondsman:

The Process of being arrested is complex and stressful. We do our best to use our advanced knowledge of the criminal justice system to make it less stressful for you! You should not have to worry about anything as we will always do our best to help you and point you in the right direction.

This Agency was opened and designed with helping people first. We are here for our clients and not for ourselves like others in the industry, unfortunately. We are open and available 24/7/365! We are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and, kind.

We know our clients. Unlike other agencies when you call us, we know who you are, and we care about you. We remember that you’re a person with a life and should be treated as such! You are an individual not just an Indemnitor or Defendant like at other agencies.

We never say no to a bond every bond is workable. We will do our best to find a way to get you released as soon as possible. We genuinely care about our clients and don’t want to see anyone stuck in jail. (Volusia County)

We hope this info was helpful! Remember we are very knowledgeable!

We are open 24/7/365! We always have a FULLY LICENSED Agent on Duty! Any further Questions you have may be directed to our Bail Bonds Office:

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