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DUI bail bonds are often needed when someone is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI).

When someone is arrested for DUI or DWI, first and foremost they are taken into Police custody and jailed till their local court hearing. The local court sets the Bail Bond amount depending on the severity of the DUI offenses.

However, If a defendant can’t afford to pay the full bail amount, they may be eligible for a DUI or DWI Bail Bond.

In other words, a DUI Bail Bond is a contract between the defendant, a bail bondsman, and the court. The Bail Bondsman or bail agent agrees to pay the full amount to the court on behalf of the defendant.

This allows the defendant to be released from jail. In exchange for this service, the defendant pays the bail bond agent a non-refundable fee. In most cases, the fee is 10% of the total bail amount.

A Man is caught with DUI

Florida Law Enforcement officials made 32,177 DUI arrests in 2018, with adult accounting for the majority of arrests at 32,108 (99.8%) and juveniles comprising just 69 (0.2%) of the arrest.

The DUI charges in Volusia County, Florida

DUI charges in Volusia County, FL can result in serious consequences. The accused may get a fine, revocation of a driving license, probation, jail, or imprisonment for multiple offenses. Furthermore, the penalties for a DUI conviction can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case.

1st DUI Offense in Volusia County

DUI Charges Classification Max Jail Max Fine
DUI Offense with a BAC of 0.8 Or More Unclassified Misdemeanor 6 Months $1000
Minor Under 18 in Vehicle Unclassified Misdemeanor 9 Months $2000
DUI Offense with a BAC Of .15 Or More Unclassified Misdemeanor 9 Months $2000

2nd DUI Offense in Volusia County

DUI Charges Classification Max Jail Max Fine
DUI Offense with a BAC of 0.8 Or More Unclassified Misdemeanor 9 Months $2000
DUI Offense with a BAC Of .15 Or More Unclassified Misdemeanor 1 Year $4000
DUI Offense Involving Damage to Property First Degree Misdemeanor 1 Year $1000

3rd DUI Offense in Volusia County

DUI Charges Classification Max Jail Max Fine
Third DUI Offense More Than 10 Years After Prior Offense Unclassified Misdemeanor 1 Year $5000
Third DUI Offense Within 10 Years Third-Degree Felony 5 Years $5000

4rth DUI Offense in Volusia County

DUI Charges Classification Max Jail Max Fine
4rth or subsequent DUI Offenses Third-Degree Felony 5 Years $5000

Other DUI Offenses in Volusia County

DUI Charges Classification Max Jail Max Fine
DUI Involving Serious Bodily Injury Third-Degree Felony 5 Years $5000
DUI Manslaughter (Death Of Another Person Or Unborn Child) Second-Degree Felony 15 Years $10000
DUI Manslaughter Involving Driver Who Failed To Render Aid First-Degree Felony 30 Years $10000

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Do I Need DUI/DWI, Bail Bonds?

If You got arrested for DUI/DWI Offense in Volusia County, FL,  you may need a bail bond. DUI bail bonds will depend on several factors, including the defendant’s criminal background, charges, and Volusia court laws.

In most of the cases, a defendant charged with DUI/DWI charges in Volusia County, post bail to secure their release from jail while awaiting trial. A bail bond is a type of financial guarantee that you will appear in court for all required hearings and proceedings.

Moreover, the amount required for bail can vary widely based on the nature of the offenses. For example, a defendant with a prior criminal record may be required to post higher bail amounts compared to first-time offenders.

In some cases, the court may also set conditions for release, such as requiring the defendant to attend an alcohol or drug treatment program.

How to seek dismissal or reduction of DUI Charges in Volusia, FL?

Facing a DUI charge in Volusia County, FL can be a stressful experience for you and your family. However, it’s important to know that there are possibilities to seek dismissal or reduction of DUI Charges in Volusia County, FL.

While every DUI/DWI case is different, there are several factors that can influence the outcome of your case. Below are some possible ways to seek dismissal or reduction of DUI-related charges in Volusia County, FL.

Challenging the stop:

If the police officer or sheriff who pulled you over didn’t have reasonable suspicion to do so, the stop may be deemed illegal. Thus, any evidence gathered after an illegal stop can be suppressed, which may lead to the dismissal of the DUI charges.

Field Sobriety Tests:

Field Sobriety tests are not always reliable and can be challenged on several grounds. If the officer didn’t administer the tests properly, or you have a medical condition that may have affected the results. In both cases, you may be able to challenge the validity of the field sobriety test.

Challenging the Breathalyzer test:

In general breathalyzer tests are often used as evidence in DUI Cases, but they are not always accurate. If the breathalyzer was not calibrated properly or the officer administering the test was not trained to do so, the results may be challenged.

Lack of evidence:

The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that were driving under the influence. If there is a lack of evidence, or if the evidence against you is weak, you may be able to have the charges dismissed.

Plea Bargaining:

In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution. This could involve pleading guilty to a lesser charge, such as reckless driving, in exchange for the dismissal of the DUI charges.

Additionally, it is important to work with an experienced DUI defense attorney who can help you understand your legal options and develop a strong defense strategy. Your attorney can review the evidence against you and identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

How Daytona Bail Bonds-Daytona Beach can help you with DUI Bail Bonds?

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI offense, we understand that this can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Our team of experienced and licensed bail bondsmen in Volusia County, Fl is to assist you in navigating the bail bond process with ease.

We offer reliable, fast, and affordable bail bond services available 24/7 to ensure that we are here for you whenever you need us. Our bail bond process is designed to be simple and straightforward. We gather information about the case and create a personalized bail bond plan that fits your specific needs.

We offer flexible payment options to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone. Additionally, our bail bondsmen will work with you to post bail on your behalf and help you return to your daily life.

Don’t let a DUI arrest keep you in jail. Contact Daytona Bail Bonds Agency for reliable and dependable DUI bail bond services in Volusia. Our team is here to help you get back on track and move forward with your life.

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Volusia County Jail is situated at, 1300 Red John Dr, Daytona Beach, FL 32124, United States. You can reach Daytona Bail Bonds- Daytona Beach (1341 Beville Rd, Daytona Beach, FL 32119, United States) by Following the below route.

1. Head southwest toward Red John Dr (0.5 mi)

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6. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Beville Rd (2.0 mi)

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What is a DUI Bail Bond?
A DUI bail bond is a type of surety bond that is used to secure the release of a person who has been charged with a DUI offense. It is a legal agreement between the defendant, a bail bond agent, and the court that the defendant will appear for all scheduled court hearings.
How much does a DUI bail bond cost?
DUI bail bond varies depending on the amount of bail set by the local court. In Florida, the standard bail for a DUI offense is from $500 to $1,0000. Bail bond agents typically charge a non-refundable fee of 10% of the total bail amount.
What happens if the defendant fails to appear in court?
The court may issue a warrant for their arrest and the bail bond will be forfeited. The bail bond agent may also hire a bounty hunter to locate and return the defendant to custody.
What information is needed to secure a DUI bail bond?
To secure a DUI bail bond in Volusia, the defendant or a co-signer will need to provide personal information. Personal Information such as their name, date of birth, and address. They will also need to provide information about the charges, the court, and the total bail amount.
Can I get a DUI bail bond if i have a criminal record in Volusia?
Yes, you can still get a DUI bail bond even if you have a criminal record. However, the bail bond agent may require additional collateral or a higher premium depending on the severity of the charges and the defendant’s criminal history.
How long does it take to get a DUI bail bond in Volusia County?
The process of securing a DUI bail bond in Volusia usually takes just a few hours. Once the bail bond agent has all the necessary information and the premium is paid, they will post the bond and the defendant will be released from custody.
Can I pay for a DUI bail bond with a credit card?

Yes, our bail bond agents accept credit card payments for bail bonds.

Can a DUI bail bond be revoked?
Yes, a DUI bail bond can be revoked if the defendant violates the terms of the bond, such as failing to appear in court or getting arrested for another offense while out on bail.
What happens to the bail bond if the charges are dropped?

If the charges are dropped, the bail bond is released. In addition, any collateral that was put up to secure the bond is returned to the person who posted it.

What happens to tha bail bond if the defendant is found guilty?
If the defendant is found guilty, the bail bond is typically forfeited. The defendant may also be required to pay the full amount of the bail to the court.