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Have you ever wondered if you have an outstanding warrant in Volusia County, FL or if someone you know has one? It’s an unsettling feeling not knowing if there’s a legal issue lurking in the background.

Fortunately, there are now services available that can help you determine if there’s a warrant for your arrest or someone else’s. These warrant check services are a game-changer, providing an easy and quick way to check for any outstanding warrants in your name or others.

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Warrant Check in Daytona Beach 

A warrant check involves verifying whether an individual has special warrants for their arrest.  Providing their name, date of birth, and identifying information to the local police or sheriff’s office enables individuals to do this.

Types Of Warrant Check

It’s important to note that if an outstanding warrant exists, the individual may be subject to immediate arrest. It’s always best to address any exceptional warrants promptly to avoid further legal complications.

Local Warrant Check:

A local warrant check verifies whether an individual has any outstanding warrants in a particular local jurisdiction. Warrants are allocated by the court when a person fails to appear in court, violates a court order, or commits a crime.

Reaching out to the local police or sheriff’s office or searching online databases for warrant search allows one to conduct a local warrant check.

A local warrant check is essential to avoid legal complications and stay informed about any legal issues that need to be addressed.

Warrant check for employment:

A warrant check is a background screening process that verifies whether an individual has any outstanding warrants or criminal charges. Some employers may conduct warrant checks as part of their pre-employment screening process to ensure a safe workplace. It involves searching public records and may require the individual’s consent.

24/7 Warrant Check:

A 24/7 warrant check is a service that allows individuals or organizations to verify if there is an outstanding warrant against a particular person. The service typically requires the date of birth and name of the individual in question and uses various databases to search for active warrants.

A warrant check aims to ensure that individuals are aware of any legal issues they may have and to prevent any potential legal consequences. Law enforcement agencies, private companies, or online platforms can provide the service. It is vital to note that a negative warrant check does not guarantee that an individual is not facing legal charges.

Free Warrant Check:

A warrant check is a process of verifying if there are any special warrants for your arrest or search. It is important to conduct a warrant check to ensure you are not in trouble with the law and avoid any unexpected legal consequences. There are various ways to conduct a free warrant search in Florida, such as searching online databases, contacting the local police department, or using a warrant search app.

These methods usually require basic personal information, like your name, social security number, and date of birth. It is essential to regularly check for warrants, as they can accumulate over time and result in serious legal issues. Seeking legal advice if you find any outstanding warrants is also recommended.

Florida Search Warrant Laws

Law enforcement must follow Florida state’s laws and regulations when issuing a search warrant. Florida law has different standards for searching Public Property and Private Property.

Grounds for Issuance of Search Warrant for public properties:

Upon proper affidavit being made by the local law enforcement agency, a search warrant may be issued under Florida Statute & 933.02 state law on any of the following grounds:

1. When the property shall have been stolen or embezzled in violation of law.

2. When the property shall have been used.

a. Property is used as a means to commit any crime.

b. A connection with gambling, gambling implements, and appliances; or

c. In Violation of s. 847.011 or other laws in reference to obscene prints and literature

3. When any property constitutes relevant evidence that a Felony has been committed.


4. When any property is being held or possessed.
a. In violation of any of the laws prohibiting the manufacture, sale, and transportation of intoxicating liquors.
b. In Violation of the laws related to food and drugs
c. Violation of the laws related to citrus disease.

5. Cruelty to animals.

Grounds for Issuance of Search Warrant for private properties:

A Search Warrant can be issued to search any private dwelling occupied under the below circumstances:

1.  Used for being unlawful sale, possession, or manufacture of intoxicating liquor.
2. Stolen or embezzled property.
3. Used to carry on gambling.
4. It is being used to perpetrate frauds and swindles.
5. Violation of drug abuse or narcotics is violated.
6. A weapon or instrument, or means by which a felony has been committed is contained therein.

7. Child abuse offenses are committed.
a. Interference with custody.
b. Committing unnatural and lascivious acts with a child.
c. Exposure of sexual organs to a child.

8. It is in part used for some business purposes such as stores, shops, saloons, restaurants, hotels, or lodging houses.

9. Cruelty to animals.

10. Unlawful sales, possessions, or purchase of wildlife, saltwater products, or freshwater fish being unlawfully kept therein; or

11. A machine by which sexual cyberharassment has been committed.

Requirements For Search Warrant in Florida:

To obtain a search warrant in Florida, law enforcement officers must meet certain criteria. A search warrant is considered valid if it contains:
1. A signature by an impartial Judge
2. A name of the person or premises being searched.
3. Description of the items and premises searched.
4. The items or persons that are to be seized.
5. Probable cause of justifying the warrant search.

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How do I do a warrant check in Florida?
There are several ways to perform a warrant check in Florida. You can visit the local police department or sheriff’s office, contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, or use an online database to search for warrants. If you ever need a quick and free warrant check in Florida, our dedicated bail bonds team to help.
What is a Bench Warrant?
A bench warrant is a kind of arrest warrant issued by a judge from the bench (hence the term “bench” warrant) when someone fails to comply court order or appears in court on a scheduled time. It is typically issued when a person fails to appear for a scheduled court hearing.
What happened when a bench warrant is issued?
When a bench warrant is issued, it allows local law enforcement officers to arrest you and bring you before the court. Once arrested under a bench warrant, the individual will usually be held in custody until a scheduled hearing. At the hearing, the judge may impose additional penalties, put new conditions, or modify the existing court order.
Can a warrant be cancelled or recalled?
Yes, warrants can be canceled or recalled under certain circumstances. It may occur if the charges are dropped, the individual appears in court, or the warrant was issued in error.
What are the Penalties For Obtructing A Search Warrant In Florida?
People who attempt to obstruct, resist or oppose a search warrant are considered lawbreakers. Anyone who obstructs a search warrant may face a first-degree misdemeanor and punishable by up to one year in Jail and a possible $1,000 fine.