When In Need Of A Bail Bond, Daytona Beach Dog House!

When In Need Of A Bail Bond, Daytona Beach Dog House!

July 16, 2019

If you are looking for a bail bonds agency in the Daytona Beach area, consider us at Critical Bail Bonds. Wil and Anthony have merged to form a new name.  Formally they were Dodhouse Bail Bonds but are now called Critical Bail Bonds.  We will act as a surety and pledge bonds as bail in exchange for a defendant’s appearance in court. Our bail bond agents have one goal: to guarantee our client’s release as efficiently as possible. As our ultimate priority is to help our clients, we are a bail bonds agency that is available to our Daytona Beach community 24/7.


Critical Bail Bonds is now Critical Bail Bonds

Here at  Critical Bail Bonds, we care about helping our clients, and Wil and Anthony have made a business out of helping his clients. Critical Bail Bonds is our new name.As the state of Florida determines the cost that bail bonds companies can charge, when it comes to choosing your bail bonds agency, its the difference in quality of service that should guide you in your decision. Bail bonds for under $1,000 will cost $100; anything higher than 1,000 is 10 percent of the bond. We understand that you have a life and commitments to get back to, and this is why we can come to you 24/7.

Excellent Bail Bonds Services

Wil  and his team will come to you directly with no wait time. We can get you out of your situation, and in most cases, we do not require collateral. We are even willing to issue bail bonds over the phone if that is in the best interest of our client. We can write Federal bail bonds and bonds through the counties of Florida and the US.

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